Tuesday, 17 May 2011


 Just found these beautiful laser-cut buildings from Sarissa Precision. Lots more are shown, labelled as WWII, although I think they could be very useful for a Victorian setting.

They already offer a fine range of Western bulidings, which come in a smaller 25mm size and "heroic" 28mm size. The  new WWII buildings though will be available in 15mm and 28mm sizes. Based on the Western builings they produce, prices seem very reasonable too.

 These look very, very promising.
I already have some laser-cut buildings from Warbases (which look better in the flesh than they do on their website), advertised as for A Very British Civil War (ie between WWI and WWII), which I'm very pleased with. Supplied flat-packed, they were very easy to assemble with PVA glue. I'll try and post a photo when I can get round to it.

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