Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Unbelievably, I've almost finished my first unit of Hinterland female hussars!

I only need to finish the bases and then I can take some photos and post them here, finally. Yes, I am very slow.

I painted a pair of these lovely figures ages ago, and I've already got a second squad and a few extras in the painting queue, including Princess Viktoria mounted, Princess Cecilie, a command pack and a maxim crew.

I really need to knuckle down!

Anyway, I'll take any excuse to show pictures from this wonderful range, so here are the latest releases from Hinterland Miniatures, better late than never.

So, check these out, and if you like them, then head over to Hinterland Miniatures website and order some so that Mancha can get Paul Hicks to make more  figures sooner.


 Just found these beautiful laser-cut buildings from Sarissa Precision. Lots more are shown, labelled as WWII, although I think they could be very useful for a Victorian setting.

They already offer a fine range of Western bulidings, which come in a smaller 25mm size and "heroic" 28mm size. The  new WWII buildings though will be available in 15mm and 28mm sizes. Based on the Western builings they produce, prices seem very reasonable too.

 These look very, very promising.
I already have some laser-cut buildings from Warbases (which look better in the flesh than they do on their website), advertised as for A Very British Civil War (ie between WWI and WWII), which I'm very pleased with. Supplied flat-packed, they were very easy to assemble with PVA glue. I'll try and post a photo when I can get round to it.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Okay, I've been umming and aahing over ordering this figure from Leadbones for absolutely ages:-

and never quite got round to it because, well, its only one figure, and I didn't have any particular need for any other of their figures. But now thats all changed when I saw on the Lead Adventure Forum that they are soon to release these little gems:-

So, I guess I'll be sending an order to them next month when they are released.
I've admired Overlord's Geezer set-up for ages, especially this beautiful little bit of scenery, including his fantastic Arkwright and Granville conversions:-
I even bought some of the frontages he created from Outpost Wargames Services, althought I've yet to do anything with them I'm ashamed to say.


Just placed an order for these new Fenris Games furniture items - Study Furniture Set with Grandfather Clock and a set of 2 Grand Bookcases.  There are other nice items in the range too. I believe these were made originally for the Frothers 2011 Cthluedo game, but I'm going to find a use for them with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I have some other bits and bobs to eventually decorate a study or something similar.

Design 28 Vampyres

Just a picture of the new Design 28 Vampyre pack.
But very nice figures they are, and they cover quite a few of your Vampyre needs.
I particularly like the "movie Dracula" version on the left, and the one with the candle.

Monday, 9 May 2011


Artizan's new "March Or Die" range French Foreign Legion, suitable for 1890 -1914.
Now I know what my French forces were missing...

Now listed on the Artizan Designs site
I assume there must be command packs coming eventually too.


Photos of Ironclad's show display figures, some old, but also some new packs.
These are not on the Ironclad site yet, but these pictures are from gamer Mac's report here on the Canonade Show on the Lead Adventure Forum (hope he doesn't mind).
All the new releases are definitely on my shopping list !

Thursday, 5 May 2011


A squad of the Queen's Electrical Rifles defend their camp, somewhere in the Dark Continent.


Prussian scientist Baron von Frankenstein has revealed the results of his latest experiments to create the ultimate soldier. Squads of these enhanced humans have been used against forces of  Her Majesty.
These brutes exhibit supernatural strength and terrifying levels of violence.

These are repainted Heroclix Hulk figures that have been added to my Prussian forces.
I plan to add a controller of some kind, who may or may not be the Baron himself, and I imagine they will be immune to morale results as long as their controller is active, running amok if the controller is killed.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Design 28 Miniatures

New releases soon from Design 28. Also some Vampyres, but sadly no pictures yet.
I like the over-the-top Gurkha Command, and Chinese Gordon. Regular Gurkhas are promised eventually, along with "several packs" to add to the Lancastrian Tygers.