Friday, 16 April 2010


WIP picture of the soon to be released Impervious Powersuit from Ironclad.

Apparently a few changes are planned, and it should come with alternative heads.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Same as the last post, I have no connection with the manufacturers or potential distributors of these figures, except that I like the miniatures.

These are beautiful new Steampunk miniatures produced by a Russian company, Ratnik Miniatures.
I believe these are going to be distributed in the EU, initially in resin, and eventually in metal, hopefully quite soon.
Until then, I have attempted to collect pictures of all the figures previewed so far on the following page:-
Ratnik Steampunk Miniatures Pictures Page


Right, first off, I need to be clear and state that I have no connection to Design 28 Miniatures whatsoever.

I just like the figures, and as they don't currently have a website (although they are apparently planning one), I thought I would put pictures of their miniatures on a page on this blog.
Hopefully this will convince them to hurry up and get on with a website to sell the figures from.
More pictures and details for how to order from them are on the following page:-

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Just some updated pictures of the first squad of the Queens Electrical Rifles, armed with their experimental Effing & Blinding Mk1 rifles. These now have a little more painting done, and are almost finished, with just a little touching up, and the bases to be done. I hope to be able to finish these before the end of the week.
My photography skills aren't great, and for some reason they appear to be much more pink in these pictures than they are in real life. I assure you their jackets are a much darker red than they appear.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I love the fantastic Jack Staff comic. I have ordered 2 miniatures from Artizan which I am hoping to paint up/convert to represent Bramble & Son: Vampire Hunters. These two characters are based on the Steptoe & Son TV comedy series of the 1960s and 70s. In the TV series they are rag & bone men, not vampire hunters, but still, the League has no current need for rag & bone men.


Venusian Parrotmen made from GW Kroot, with their leader, Doobakuc.
I see them as minions of the War of the Worlds Martians produced by Eureka.
The painted ones I have had for a while, and they are going to be repainted, probably blue.
(except, the white one who is the albino shaman)

STEAM TANK & WALKER under construction

British steam tank I've been working on.
Obviously its a GW Chimera with a couple of modifications.
Armed with a cannon in the turret, and with an electrical rifle mounted on the front.
The turret won't be clear once its painted, which should alter the profile somewhat.
I've added a funnel, and it comes with its own self-towed ammunition, coal and water trailer for extended missions
Raiding the GW model range a bit further, here is the steam walker again.
A slightly less fuzzy photograph than previously.
It is armed with a Tesla-Vickers electro cannon.
Both machines are attached to the Queens Electrical Rifles

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Loads of new characters from Ironclad including Nemo, The Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, plus a steam-powered Victorian Age Iron Man and some lovely ladies.
Is it just me, or or these Ironclad figures getting better and better? Every one of these is a must-buy for me.