Thursday, 8 December 2011

More Parts From Victoria Miniatures

Victoria Miniatures have added Victorian Laser Rifles and seperate arms to the parts available from their shop.
Intended mainly as Praetorian Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40K, you can now assemble infantry as well as the previously released cavalry.
Examples of some different assembly ideas are shown below.
Very useful as colonial British infantry for VSF, alongside the cavalry, kilted infantry with pith helmets are now also an option.
(click the pictures for bigger versions)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Blight Wheel Victorian Robot

Over on the Lead Adventure Forum, Mancha has been asking for ideas for a robot to compliment the Hinterland range of lady soldiers, and posted a picture of this robot from Blight Wheel Miniatures.
I like this robot a lot, particularly the head, with it's single eye, and I fancy I shall be picking up at least one in the new year.
I can't explain why, but he looks British to me. It must be the head, the top of which looks like a cross between a bowler hat and a Tommy's tin helmet.