Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Strange obsession I didn't realise I had...

I received some Hinterland figures in the post yesterday, and found myself admiring the Medics pack.
It contains a rather nice dog, which I found myself admiring, and comparing to the other dog models I have.

It was then it dawned on me what a lot of dog miniatures I have.

My Inquisition agent for Dark Heresy has a dog, my officer from my old 40K Imperial Guard army has a pack of dogs (rather nice huskies from Copplestone). Canine companions seem to have featured in most of my old role-playing parties (we used miniatures for combat to save arguments over movement etc.). I have over 30 dog miniatures from various manufacturers. Big dogs, small dogs, even chaos hounds (and lets not even start on the number of wolves I have)

My VSF Queens Electrical Rifles have a regimental mascot that's a goat, but that's a different story..

Now that I think about it, I seem to collect more livestock generally than is absolutely necessary (donkeys, mules, cattle etc), as most of my forces have some kind of baggage element, although none of the rulesets I use require them.

So, I now realise I seem to have a bit of a miniature animal obsession, with the emphasis on dogs, :?

I'm not particularly a dog lover. I don't have one, and haven't had one since I was a kid.
So why my miniature dog obsession?

Monday, 28 November 2011


 Apparently, Lancers are like buses - nothing for ages then 2 releases come along at once !
These Anglo Zulu War Lancers from Empress Miniatures, sculpted by Paul Hicks, are so dynamically posed, its impossible to resist. They certainly convey the impression that they are indeed charging, and I already own some of the fine Empress AZW British infantry.
I think that these are mounted on Ebob horses
Another unit it is then. And I do believe that Mr Hicks is fast becoming my favourite sculptor.


Victoria Miniatures have posted a preview on Facebook of the Captain Caine figure that will be added to their range.
No firm release date yet, but a very pleasing addition.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well, the good news is that my order from Victoria Miniatures arrived today.
8 days from Australia to the UK isn't bad at all. The parcel made it unscathed through Customs too, which is nice.
The parts themselves are beautifully crisply detailed, with only a little flash. Definitely even better in the flesh than they look in the photos. I'm delighted with these.
The bad news is that I forgot to update the amount of torsos I ordered at check out, so I only have one sprue of 3. I ordered enough legs, arms and heads to assemble a squad of 10, with a few bits left over. Ah well, I was going to order some of the kilted legs anyway, so I can assemble 3 Rough Riders while I wait for my second order to arrive.
I plan on using the kilted legs with the Rough Rider torsos and the soon-to-be-released Victorian Laser Rifles along with a mix of pith helmet and balmoral cap heads to make some VSF Highlanders.
Victoria Miniatures also plan to release a bagpiper, and eventually a command set, which should set this unit off nicely.

Monday, 21 November 2011


Hinterland Miniatures have just released the latest expansion to their Victorian ladies in uniform range.
Mancha started this range with one figure based on Princess Viktoria-Luise of Germany, the Colonel-in-Chief in the 2nd Leib Hussaren regiment, sculpted by the very talented Paul Hicks.

 She proved so popular that Hinterland then moved on to produce "a fictitious unit of female Hussars, serving at the end of the 19th Century, up to World War One".

The Hussar range now includes this Firing Line pack, and Unit Builder pack (above), and Hinterland have added a Princess Viktoria mounted figure, Command pack, Skirmishers pack, a Maxim and crew, and even a pack of zombies.

Hinterland also offer Princess Cecilie (below) and her Trench Raiders

Just released are the Sailors, rifle-armed Cavalry and Medics, again mostly sculpted by Paul Hicks,

(one of the medics is co-sculpted by eBob, as are the horses)
  The next set of releases will apparently include an open-handed cavalrywoman, and another set of Trench Raiders, armed with rifles.

For the full range visit the Hinterland Store

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Victoria Miniatures are releasing these fine chaps:-

Intended as Rough Riders for the Praetorian Guard for WH40K, I'm sure I can find a use for these.
And the Victorian Laser Rifles...