Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well, the good news is that my order from Victoria Miniatures arrived today.
8 days from Australia to the UK isn't bad at all. The parcel made it unscathed through Customs too, which is nice.
The parts themselves are beautifully crisply detailed, with only a little flash. Definitely even better in the flesh than they look in the photos. I'm delighted with these.
The bad news is that I forgot to update the amount of torsos I ordered at check out, so I only have one sprue of 3. I ordered enough legs, arms and heads to assemble a squad of 10, with a few bits left over. Ah well, I was going to order some of the kilted legs anyway, so I can assemble 3 Rough Riders while I wait for my second order to arrive.
I plan on using the kilted legs with the Rough Rider torsos and the soon-to-be-released Victorian Laser Rifles along with a mix of pith helmet and balmoral cap heads to make some VSF Highlanders.
Victoria Miniatures also plan to release a bagpiper, and eventually a command set, which should set this unit off nicely.

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