Friday, 29 April 2011

French Lancers Advance

Some French Lancers, using Wargames Foundry French Napoleonic Dragoons with Games Workshop Beastmen spears, and mounted on old Games Workshop Bretonnian warhorses.
I also have an officer, but I need to swap his sword, so I'll probably post another picture of this unit when he's finished


  1. Very good 'original' uniforms!
    I suppose the man in bearskin represents the compagnie d'elite as in Napoleonic dragoons (though he may instead be a regimental pioneer or even, in 'your' TOE, farrier?)

  2. Honestly? Just recycling nice figures I had for a new purpose, lol.
    I had some lovely Napoleonic Dragoon cavalry, and tried to make them more VSF-y, and thought I could make them less Napoleonic by giving the horses a sort of WW1 look, and the riders some lances.
    Does that make any sense? 8-)