Friday, 15 April 2011


Here's another ruleset I became aware of through members the Lead Adventure Forum.
Despite its silly name, ADVENTURES IN JIMLAND is a great little game which can be played with a small group of players, or, rather pleasingly, solo.
Its an exploration game with a miniature game element, and a campaign game element should you wish. Sort of like Necromunda in Darkest Africa.
You outfit your expedition with Explorers, Soldiers, less reliable Askari and, of course native bearers.
You explore, with or without a rough map, and certain encounters can result in the opportunity to trade, discover new animals and plants or ancient ruins.
Not all the natives are friendly, and this is where the miniatures come in. There is a simple and fun combat system to resolve battles on the tabletop on a 30" x 30" board, with random animals joining in the fun. You can tailor the animal encounter tables to accomodate the miniatures you have in your collection.
Eventually, your expedition must make its way back to civilisation. Hopefully with a profit.

You can check out the basic rules HERE
You can buy the full rules from Minden Games HERE
Thoroughly Recommended.

I've made some jungle scenery and an explorers camp, and painted some explorers and bearers for this game which I'll hopefully put pictures of up here once I get around to it, plus the pygmies and natives once I get those painted. Maybe even the cheap toy dinosaurs and Zanzibari slavers.
For a taste of Adventures in Jimland in action visit the Soweiter League blog HERE and HERE.
Jolly entertaining stuff.

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