Friday, 26 March 2010

Yesterday my Hinterland female hussars arrived from the US. I've based them but, as it was raining, I was unable to undercoat them because I do that outside. Already ordered a second set. I plan to paint one set mainly in black for my Prussian forces, so that should be quick and easy, and the second set will be British, so red coats will probably be in order.
Finished off a couple of additions to my League characters, as you can see, so I thought I'd photograph them too.
While I had the camera out, I took a shot of my Queen's Electrical Rifles, a new elite unit equipped with the latest Tesla-Vickers experimental weapons. They're mostly GW Praetorians with a few conversions. I have about 40 altogether, so they'll be the mainstay of my British forces. The Bromhead figure I've ordered from Black Scorpion will be commanding a unit of them when he turns up. I hope to add some units of Ironclad Miniatures home service Brits, and some of the Empress Miniatures Zulu War Brits as well, eventually. Very nice figures.
Still no sign of the Renegade Miniatures WW1 Early War Germans and French, which I plan to use for my VSF Prussian and (obviously) French forces. Still, as they're on special offer at the moment and work out at about 50p a figure, I guess I can wait. Its not like I haven't got a horde of figures waiting to be painted anyway.

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