Monday 21 November 2011


Hinterland Miniatures have just released the latest expansion to their Victorian ladies in uniform range.
Mancha started this range with one figure based on Princess Viktoria-Luise of Germany, the Colonel-in-Chief in the 2nd Leib Hussaren regiment, sculpted by the very talented Paul Hicks.

 She proved so popular that Hinterland then moved on to produce "a fictitious unit of female Hussars, serving at the end of the 19th Century, up to World War One".

The Hussar range now includes this Firing Line pack, and Unit Builder pack (above), and Hinterland have added a Princess Viktoria mounted figure, Command pack, Skirmishers pack, a Maxim and crew, and even a pack of zombies.

Hinterland also offer Princess Cecilie (below) and her Trench Raiders

Just released are the Sailors, rifle-armed Cavalry and Medics, again mostly sculpted by Paul Hicks,

(one of the medics is co-sculpted by eBob, as are the horses)
  The next set of releases will apparently include an open-handed cavalrywoman, and another set of Trench Raiders, armed with rifles.

For the full range visit the Hinterland Store

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